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Real Estate Investing 

Real estate, whether residential or commercial, has long been a key strategy in growing investments in America. Today's market in Great Philadelphia is hot for investing in both real estate sectors. 


If you are looking to buy into residential real estate, either for a quick flip or to hold for rental potential, I'd love to help. As an investor myself, I know well how to break down investment potential by the numbers, whether its the costs for a fixer-upper or rate of returns on a rental. 


I also can help you see the potential in real estate. I can introduce you to new and up-and-coming neighborhoods to invest in or assist you in designing a home for sale. With a plethora of design assistance, including whole-house 3D mockups and designs, I would be happy to help you make sure that flip successfully sells at top dollar.


Further, with a range of trusted contractors and other real estate specialists (for your commercial or property management needs), I can help you create a successful team. 


Just want to talk-through how to get started in real estate investing? Happy to assist in developing short or long-term goals that suit your needs and abilities! Just give me a call or send me a text or email

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