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Home Selling with Know-How

Selling your home used to be a process of putting a sign in the yard and either awaiting a drive-by or getting a lead from word of mouth. But those days are long past and today's real estate market is both a much easier and much trickier world. 


The internet and online advertising are wonderful tools that allow you or your agent to get your home maximum exposure. But the market and the day's buyer are ever-changing things. As a seller or prospective seller, you need an agent who will navigate those market waters with you, bringing together not only the most recent technology but also current market insight. 


As a listing agent, I feel honored to receive my clients' business and work hard on making sure their house sells fast and for top dollar. Knowing today's buyer and market trends (like expectations on photography and floorplans as well as what websites are most utilized for home searches) allows me to view your home and its market positioning from a buyer's shoes and make recommendations and marketing calls appropriately. Representing both buyers and sellers in my business allows me to keep in touch with what is happening in today's market.  


I also pride myself on not skimping on the details. That means automatically including gorgeous, professional photography in every listing as well as walk-through video. For certain homes, 3D walk-through technology and detailed floorplans are implemented. And ALL of my home listings go through two levels of staging walk-throughs, from my initial recommendations and personal staging expertise to hiring a professional staging consultation - all as part of my initial fee. 


"It's not my job to get the listing

contract signed or make you happy

now, but to get your home sold to the

best of its abilities."


However, while correct marketing and making your home look its best, for less, are certainly keys to getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar, the one thing I spend the most amount of time on with my sellers is price. Some agents will gladly list at a price that makes you happy. Not me. I will list at a price that fits market value and will get your home sold quickly at the top of its fair-market range. Price is the #1 marketing tool in selling your home and my commitment to my sellers comes in determining that right price point for the market, before even signing a listing contract. It's not my job to get the listing contract signed or make you happy now, but to get your home sold to the best of its abilities. 


Looking for an agent who will work hard, fairly and intelligently for you? Looking for someone who can give you insight into marketing, staging, updating, and pricing for today's market? Then call, text or email for an initial consultation! 



Property Valuation
Just curious how that Zestimate stacks up to your home's fair market value? There's no replacement for a comparative market analysis (CMA) of your home, but this property valuation is a helpful place to start!
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